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Christy Curtis

One of the best gyms out here! I’ve been attending for over a year now and no workout is ever the same. Tyler and Patrick come up with some the best workouts to work all parts of your body. They’re both there to assist you along the way and make any modifications you may need. Love Revival and all that go. It’s like one big workout family with lots of motivation and friendship amongst all. Love that I’m a part of this great gym!


Danielle Raichle

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Revival, I started working out with Tyler last January. My life has changed drastically, by becoming stronger and healthier. I never enjoyed going to the gym because I felt uncomfortable, like everyone was watching me. I never had that feeling at Revival, you feel comfortable and you feel like your in a family. I found my passion for running again and I would like to thank Tyler for that. 
thank you for having such an awesome gym and being such a wonderful trainer.


Aaron Broman

They say "when you are truly sick and tired you make a change." I decided in 2017 I was sick and tired. I started focusing on how I was eating and needed to get back into exercising. When I met Tyler, I realized that his energy and determination would be what I needed to stay focused and that "Fit and Trim" classes would be a great way to get started into this new and improved lifestyle. There is one key once you start, DON'T QUIT! Tyler will help you through the rough parts and keep you accountable. I have not felt this good in forever.

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Lori Skibo

Who is this Tyler Hunter? Tyler is the personal trainer that played a huge part of making physical fitness a part of my everyday life. It seems as though there is so much more to know about physical fitness than when I was in high school. Over the past few years, I have attended various classes similar to those at Revival with several instructors and Tyler, with no question, stands out to me. There were several reasons why I followed Tyler to Revival Fitness. I love Revival Fitness because 1.) I feel comfortable discussing my challenges with Tyler; 2.) Tyler does not make me feel less than I am; 3.) Tyler knows that what works for one person doesn't always work for another - we always have his attention; 4.) Tyler has open communication whether it be email or text messages; 5.) Tyler will push me to my limit; and 6.) Tyler speaks to me like a friend and not a client. Revival Is definitely working for me!!


Karen Dengate

A few years back after I had both my knees replaced, I needed to get moving and exercising. At that time it was hard for me to do anything, so I wanted to do it right with a trainer. I was introduced to Tyler and things started happening! I was told that I was his first client...I was a little scared...I think he was also because of all my problems ...didn't need to be. From day one he was very caring, helpful, and knew what I needed. I can't say enough of how great of a trainer he is! He got me back on my feet after the knee replacements and after a couple foot surgeries including a foot reconstruction. Tyler worked with me and got me going again. One of my goals was to be able to walk a 5k, not only did he help me reach that goal he took time to go and walk with me, he talked me through to the finish line, that was such a great feeling to accomplish that goal! I couldn't have done it without him pushing me. If you are looking for a trainer for any reason...weight loss, health problems, rehab from surgeries or just someone to take you out of your comfort zone to get a better workout need to go see Tyler! Not only will he become a caring trainer for as long as you need him but he will also become a true friend. I have a little home gym now that he gave me good ideas of what I needed to equipped it with and to this day if I need help or a new workout plan he always makes time to help. Give Tyler a try, you will get so much more then just a trainer!


Eric Wolf

I highly recommend Tyler Hunter as a trainer. I had a total knee replacement two years ago. The rehab following the surgery did not get me where I wanted to be. Working with Tyler did. I have seen continued improvement over the two years that we have worked together. I believe that Tyler’s Master’s Degree in Orthopedic Rehab & Corrective Exercise was an important factor in my progress. I was skeptical of it at first, but it proved to be the bridge from physical therapy to real life. In addition, Tyler is a terrific trainer, and I actually enjoy our workouts. He knows how to keep pushing without punishing. Tyler has empathy and an excellent sense of humor which is what makes it work.


Dawn Morgan

Thank you Tyler. I’ve been attending the Fit For Life classes and am exactly that - Fit For Life. I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve been for quite a long time. I look forward to going to class three sometimes four mornings a week. My husband just laughs when I say “ I can’t, I have class”. He sees the changes in me every month and also says “thank you“ to Tyler for being so motivating to keep me attending monthly. Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

_Kristen Barr.png

Kristen Barr

Tyler Hunter is an inspiring individual who has helped me understand I can do this..he is there for guidance, support and whatever you need! I have been part of his fit and trim program for 3 months. He provides nutritional tips, works with any physical issues that limit your ability with other exercises, no day is ever the same and he builds a lifestyle change within each person. Tyler has become a must in our quest of a healthy lifestyle. Tyler is the best and creates a supportive network for us all!!!


Taylor Goss

Tyler is the best!! I attend personal training and love the one-on-one, personalized workouts. Tyler took his time to talk to me about my goals and habits, and did a thorough assessment before getting into the workouts. Tyler is super knowledgeable about the body and has taught me so much about myself!! Tyler challenges you but never pressures you to go beyond your limits in an unhealthy way. He allows you to go at your own pace and never rushes you!! I absolutely love it here!!


Rachel Coffman

Val’s Zumba classes are so amazing!! I’ve lost almost 40 pounds just by dancing with my friends! I walked into class not knowing anybody and these women quickly became my friends! Everybody is so supportive and encouraging! I absolutely love it!!


Tara Saltzburg

I've been working with Tyler for about two years. I had recently had a baby and Tyler helped me get back into shape and prepare for a marathon. After the marathon, I continued working with Tyler once a week for 1.5 hour sessions. Tyler constantly kept the workouts fresh, utilizing all types of equipment and introducing new exercises. I always left feeling like I had a great workout. Tyler is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.

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Mandy McManus

I joined Revival to have my clothes fit better, to relieve stress and to lose weight. I had the pleasure of working with Tyler in both group classes and one-on-one, we have a lot of fun's a great team environment. I challenge you to come and workout with me.

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