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Weight Loss Essentials

Next Round Starts Jan 6th!


Fit for Life is the most exclusive and individualized Body Transformation program you're going to find in Altoona, Blair County, and the entire state! If you're looking to positively change your body composition by losing body fat and by building muscle mass so that you can finally feel and look better, this program is for YOU! No more diets, no more guessing games, and no more struggling. Time for a new YOU!


Have you struggled with weight loss for years, always gain weight back after dieting, or maybe just can't stand the way you look or feel any more? Please know that you're not alone and that there are others just like you feeling lost and frustrated! This program was created to help people like you finally lose weight the right way and make this a new lifestyle! Our objective is to simplify the weight loss process for you by helping you move more, eat better, and establish more effective lifestyle habits with continuous accountability. Getting healthier and changing your body composition can be such a vulnerable, overwhelming, and discouraging process. We help you eliminate those negative components and actually see real results through our specialized, unique system of one-on-one nutrition, unlimited exercise programs, and motivational coaching.

Most diets and programs out there focus on restricting food and follow a super strict plan, which are impossible to stick to long term. "Diets" aren't realistic for your life, aren't enjoyable, and don't ever give lasting results. And these cheap gym memberships eventually turn into donations because you don't have any structure or guidance. So before you know it, you haven't gone to the gym in 2 years, you stopped following your diet plan, and you're more frustrated than ever.  And that's what makes Fit for Life drastically different than all of those other plans and facilities.


This program makes sure that you feel better, move better, and look better by helping you make the right decisions within the foods you like and the busy schedules you juggle. We focus on helping restore your confidence, improving your capabilities, and establishing realistic habits that help you become successful well beyond these 12 weeks. We focus on figuring out the "whys" behind your habits and improving your lifestyle all around. We help you find purpose within this journey and light a passionate fire that will burn well beyond just a few weeks. We're here to help you finally do this the right way. 


Our Fit for Life class has changed the lives of so many people just like you. Now it's YOUR turn!


Fit for Life, formerly known as Fit & Trim, is a 12-week total body transformation program that incorporates the very best exercise and nutrition components; 12 weeks of life changing exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle success! We combine individualized nutrition guidance with an actual Registered Dietitian and a wide variety of optimal exercise programs to give you the most efficient way to lose weight and see actual results. 


If we’re being honest, most of us don’t particularly like the way we physically look and feel. We’re always saying “Someday” but rarely acting on our good intentions of finally getting healthier. Let’s face it... life is just straight up hard and busy. Our Fit and Life program gives you every element of accountability, realistic structure, education, and encouragement you need. This is much more than a standardized weight loss program. This program helps you build muscle, lose body fat, improve your healthy habits, and finally look and feel the way you’ve wanted to for years; all within the most custom, individualized way possible. Don’t let yourself prolong this positive choice any longer. Your transformation begins today!


This isn't some trendy 30-day fix or "special detox" led by an unqualified nutrition enthusiast. This is real, genuine, scientific nutrition program with an actual Registered Dietitian! To ensure that our clients get the absolute highest quality and individualization, we've partnered with Blair County Acupuncture and Nutrition's Justin Delasko. Justin is a Registered Dietitian here in Altoona, just down the road from Revival. Within each package option, you will meet with him privately to discuss your struggles, weaknesses,  strengths, goals, interests, and habits. Based on your conversation and his thorough body metric assessment, Justin will produce a very detailed personal plan and specific road map for you. Eat real food, tweak simple habits, and achieve long term positive changes!


Fit for Life at Revival is all about you and your journey. While the fitness classes happens in a group setting, the workouts are self-paced, allowing you to maximize your own personal results but still having fun with others. The nutrition aspect is completely individualized to focus on your personal needs, interests, and goals. Everything here is perfectly custom made; we don't use cookie-cutter templates or generalized plans from the internet like other gyms. You'll finally get the detailed individualized attention you've been needing and wanting! We take extreme pride in offering the highest level of expertise and education here in Altoona.


Have full access to our dynamic and fun exercise programs to ensure that you're accomplishing the exercise side of body composition change! We offer Pilates, Kickboxing, Rowing, Functional Circuit, Power Yoga, Kind Yoga, and our premier beginner strength+conditioning program, Functional Fitness. There aren't any magic exercises that burn extra fat; it's all about getting your heart rate up, using bigger muscle groups, moving more! We believe in always training with purposeful and safe intentions, structuring each class with core, scientific principles, with lots of laughs in there too! By using both body resistance, cardio-style exercises, and a long list of equipment/weights, we develop our programming around foundational, functional movements so that you get the most effective workouts possible! Check out our class schedule here!


Our facility is designed to be completely private and exclusive, with the purpose of eliminating intimidation and undesired social pressures. Here at Revival, you don't have to worry about feeling extra vulnerable or having other people judge you from across the room. Everyone here is in the same boat you are. Our priority is to help you progress at a realistic, challenging pace, while giving you every ounce of encouragement and expert guidance needed; being in a private environment only supports and expedites that process. Only positivity, encouragement, and laughter here!

Fit for Life Sessions 2020

FALL: October 5 - December 26

WINTER: January 6 - March 28

SPRING: April 6 - June 27

SUMMER: July 6 - September 26 

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JANUARY 6TH, 2020!

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Fit for Life Details

  • Three (3) private, individualized meetings with Justin, our Registered Dietitian (Week 1, 6, and 12).

  • InBody Composition Scan & Body Metrics to learn body fat percentage, muscle mass, and track overall progress accurately.

  • Personalized Nutrition Bundle: Custom nutrition strategies, meal planning, and recipe ideas.

  • Private access to Fit for Life Facebook group for support, accountability, inspiration, and education.

  • Unlimited Fitness Classes: Functional Fitness, Mom Fit, Pilates, Women Weight Lifting, Functional Circuit, Power Yoga, Kind Yoga, and Kickboxing.

  • Unlimited email access to Justin and Tyler.

  • Massage Therapy Discount: $50/hour massages - unlimited


  Cost: 160/mo or 435 Upfront

  • *Requires 12-week commitment

  • Couples receive 25% off total

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Kristen Barr

Tyler Hunter is an inspiring individual who has helped me understand I can do this..he is there for guidance, support and whatever you need! I have been part of his fit and trim program for 3 months. He provides nutritional tips, works with any physical issues that limit your ability with other exercises, no day is ever the same and he builds a lifestyle change within each person. Tyler has become a must in our quest of a healthy lifestyle. Tyler is the best and creates a supportive network for us all!!!


Christy Curtis


Aaron Broman

They say "when you are truly sick and tired you make a change." I decided in 2017 I was sick and tired. I started focusing on how I was eating and needed to get back into exercising. When I met Tyler, I realized that his energy and determination would be what I needed to stay focused and that "Fit and Trim" classes would be a great way to get started into this new and improved lifestyle. There is one key once you start, DON'T QUIT! Tyler will help you through the rough parts and keep you accountable. I have not felt this good in forever.



*Classes are non-refundable and must be used within one year from the date of purchase. All rates are based on a 30-90 minute class session.

*Flexible payment plans are available. All payments are secured through PayPal, Check sent to location mailing address or Cash on site.

*Eligible discounts include: Students, Seniors, Military/Law Enforcement, and Referral program. Please email for more details to secure discount.   

*Please review your purchase training policies, plan options and current schedule dates.


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Tyler Hunter

Owner, Personal Trainer

Program Director

B.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Kinesiology-Orthopedic Rehab & Corrective Exercise

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Justin Delasko

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

B.S. Nutritional Sciences

Penn State University

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