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Functional Fitness is our premier program here at Revival in Altoona, PA. If you're looking to get in better shape all around, finally start feeling better, and get the best fitness support system around, this program is for YOU.

This program was created after realizing that our area needed a more efficient, safe, high quality way to get back in shape, especially for people that are busy with kids, work, and life. Exercising and getting back in shape, can be an extremely vulnerable and scary process. So our goal was to create a non-intimidating, supportive, individualized program that people could ease into and finally see the results they want without destroying themselves. Functional Fitness simplifies health and fitness, finally giving you the proper structure and expertise you've been needing. Push yourself, sweat, laugh, and get real, legitimate results.

Our Functional Fitness class has changed the lives of so many people just like you. Now it's YOUR turn!


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FFL Methods


Functional Fitness can best be described as a 60-minute, strength-based circuit workout for beginner to intermediate exercisers. While the class is in a group setting, the full-body workouts are self-paced and individualized. We guide you through a functional warm-up together as a group, explain and demonstrate each exercise, and then split everyone up into different starting points. During the course of the hour, Van, Libby, or Tyler facilitate the workout by correcting form, giving encouragement, assisting with any equipment set up, effectively challenging you, and keeping things light with random humor. The workouts change every single day too, always focusing on keeping things fresh and avoiding the all-too-familiar  boredom!


After testing and working with many different fitness class models, we've found that this structure is the most ideal for accountability, efficiency, busy schedules, and maximized results. It gives you the freedom to rotate through the workout at your own pace without feeling like you're holding others back, allowing you to get a workout perfectly aligned with your current capabilities. This self-paced method also allows us to modify or progress certain movements according to your abilities and skill sets, further individualizing each workout. At the same time though, this program is all about surrounding you with a supportive, encouraging, non-judgemental community. While you workout according to your pace and needs, you get the fun and accountable comradery of a group workout. So many friendships have been formed through this group and this is something we're really proud of.


Our special, unique strength-circuit programming is designed to maximize every minute and push you just far enough beyond your limits so that you can effectively achieve the desired progress. Each class is approximately 60-minutes long, so you're in and out before you know it. We optimize your trainings by working the body in a pull/push, anterior/posterior, multi-joint fashion, rather than follow the outdated system of training one single body part at a time. Our goal is to get your heart rate up, make you sweat, challenge those muscles, and utilize every minute. Through our structured and detailed system, you will reach goals sooner, safer, and more efficiently.


We believe in always training with purposeful and safe intentions, structuring each class with core, scientific principles. By using both body resistance and a long list of equipment/weights, we develop our programming around foundational, functional movements. Using those main movements then, we add purposeful variations and progressions to continue your advancement and keep the workouts fresh. No machines here! Only functional equipment. Proper form and efficient mechanics are an absolute priority here so you can always guarantee perfect posture during movements.


Functional Fitness at Revival is all about you and your journey. While this class happens in a group setting, the workout is self-paced, allowing you to maximize your own personal results but still having fun with others. The great thing about our classes is that each workout can be customized to focus on your individual needs, interests, and goals. Everything here is perfectly custom made; we don't use cookie-cutter templates or generalized plans from the internet like other gyms. And every exercise can be modified or progressed to match your current capabilities. We take extreme pride in offering the highest level of expertise and education here in Blair County.


Our facility is designed to be completely private and exclusive, with the purpose of eliminating intimidation and undesired social pressures. Here at Revival, you don't have to worry about feeling extra vulnerable or having other people judge you from across the room. Everyone here is in the same boat you are. Our priority is to help you progress at a realistic, challenging pace, while giving you every ounce of encouragement and expert guidance needed; being in a private environment only supports and expedites that process. Only positivity, encouragement, and laughter here!


Danielle Raichle

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Revival, I started working out with Tyler last January. My life has changed drastically, by becoming stronger and healthier. I never enjoyed going to the gym because I felt uncomfortable, like everyone was watching me. I never had that feeling at Revival, you feel comfortable and you feel like your in a family. I found my passion for running again and I would like to thank Tyler for that. 
thank you for having such an awesome gym and being such a wonderful trainer.


Angela Ansman

Best place to workout! Fit For Life has made me so much stronger, confident and healthy. Tyler and Patrick help you every step of the way. They care about everyone that goes to this gym. I feel comfortable working out. It's like a big family! Everyone is so supportive and friendly. You dont feel pressure to be better and faster than anyone else. You go at your own pace and do what you can. I've learned how to work out the correct way. For me, that's the most important part. Next goal is to get into Yoga! It's so calming and relaxing. Jenna really knows what she is doing! If you're looking for a place to get healthy and lose weight while having fun! I recommend Revival Fitness and Rehab. I'm hooked!!! 😁


Dawn Morgan

Thank you Tyler. I’ve been attending the Fit For Life classes and am exactly that - Fit For Life. I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve been for quite a long time. I look forward to going to class three sometimes four mornings a week. My husband just laughs when I say “ I can’t, I have class”. He sees the changes in me every month and also says “thank you“ to Tyler for being so motivating to keep me attending monthly. Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


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