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Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life and need legitimate accountability and guidance?  

Our Personal Training is the most personalized, detailed, and flexible program we offer here at Revival. Whether it's a private, partner, or group training session, we offer the highest level of expertise and guidance. Completely customized workouts based on your goals, interests, and needs. Revival Personal Training will get you the results you imagined and much more! 



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Our special, unique programming is designed to maximize every minute and push you just far enough beyond your limits so that you can effectively achieve the desired progress. We optimize your trainings by working the body in a pull/push, anterior/posterior, multi-joint fashion, rather than follow the outdated system of training one single body part at a time. Through our structured and detailed system, you will reach goals sooner, safer, and more efficiently.


We believe in always training with purposeful and safe intentions, structuring each session with core, scientific principles. By using both body resistance and a long list of equipment/weights, we develop our programming around foundational, functional movements. Using those main movements then, we add purposeful variations and progressions to continue your advancement and keep the workouts fresh. Proper form and efficient mechanics are an absolute priority here so you can always guarantee perfect posture during movements.


Personal Training at Revival is all about you and your journey. Based on your initial assessment, each session is intricately customized to focus on your individual needs, interests, and goals. Everything here is perfectly individualized and custom made; we don't use cookie-cutter templates or generalized plans from the internet like other gyms. We take extreme pride in offering the highest level of expertise and education here in Blair County.


Our facility is designed to be completely private and exclusive, with the purpose of eliminating intimidation and undesired social pressures. Here at Revival, you don't have to worry about feeling extra vulnerable or having other people judge you from across the room. We're here to focus on just you and your session. Our priority is to help you progress at a realistic, challenging pace, while giving you every ounce of encouragement and expert guidance needed; being in a private environment only supports and expedites that process.


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Tyler Hunter

Owner, Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapy

Level 1, TPI Level 1, Performance Coach

B.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Kinesiology-Orthopedic Rehab & Corrective Exercise


Van Lanzendorfer

Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1, TPI Level 1, Performance Coach

Physical Therapist Assistant

Training Testimonia

Tara Saltzburg

I've been working with Tyler for about two years. I had recently had a baby and Tyler helped me get back into shape and prepare for a marathon. After the marathon, I continued working with Tyler once a week for 1.5 hour sessions. Tyler constantly kept the workouts fresh, utilizing all types of equipment and introducing new exercises. I always left feeling like I had a great workout. Tyler is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.


Lori Skibo

Who is this Tyler Hunter? Tyler is the personal trainer that played a huge part of making physical fitness a part of my everyday life. It seems as though there is so much more to know about physical fitness than when I was in high school. Over the past few years, I have attended various classes similar to those at Revival with several instructors and Tyler, with no question, stands out to me. There were several reasons why I followed Tyler to Revival Fitness. I love Revival Fitness because 1.) I feel comfortable discussing my challenges with Tyler; 2.) Tyler does not make me feel less than I am; 3.) Tyler knows that what works for one person doesn't always work for another - we always have his attention; 4.) Tyler has open communication whether it be email or text messages; 5.) Tyler will push me to my limit; and 6.) Tyler speaks to me like a friend and not a client. Revival Is definitely working for me!!


Taylor Goss

Tyler is the best!! I attend personal training and love the one-on-one, personalized workouts. Tyler took his time to talk to me about my goals and habits, and did a thorough assessment before getting into the workouts. Tyler is super knowledgeable about the body and has taught me so much about myself!! Tyler challenges you but never pressures you to go beyond your limits in an unhealthy way. He allows you to go at your own pace and never rushes you!! I absolutely love it here!!



*Standard pricing. Each trainer reserves the right to charge different pricing.

Private Training

Single Session


1 hr: $50

1/2 hr: $35

Partner Training

Single Session


1 hr: $40/ea ($80 total)

1/2 hr: $25/ea ($50 total)

Group Training

Single Session


1 hr: $30/ea

1/2 hr: $20/ea

Policies & Terms
  • Personal Training runs session-by-session and does not require commitment or contract.
  • Scheduling of sessions is flexible and can vary from week to week.
  • Clients must give 24 hours notice of session cancellation or he/she will be charged.
  • Accepted Pay Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo
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