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Welcome to Revival! We are Altoona's most premier and exclusive Personal Training and Fascial Stretch Therapy facility. Tyler started Revival back in September of 2016 with the intent of specializing in life-changing fitness, recovery, and lifestyle programs that fit each person’s individual goals and needs. Revival’s creation was fueled by a huge need for a non-intimidating, private, supportive fitness and health facility; a place that beginners and experienced individuals could coexist together as a family and get the quality, personalized help needed.




Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is the most modern and effective wellness treatment around! This is professional stretching for all levels, ages, and sizes. It focuses on achieving optimal flexibility, mobility, strength, performance and pain relief by stretching tight areas like your hips, glutes, things, shoulders, chest, back, and everything else! These sessions leave you feeling relaxed, lighter, and looser! FST™ will help uncover areas of tightness you didn’t realize existed, while simultaneously creating release through a gentle, pain free, traction/contract and relax approach. We promise, it's as amazing and simple as it sounds!


Functional Fitness is our most popular and affordable group program! This group option is designed for anyone that wants a more personalized workout but still wants the support and accountability of a private small group. These classes consist of strength-based circuit workouts designed primarily for the beginner - intermediate exerciser. While it's a group program, the workout is self-paced and individual focused so that you can work through each class according to your capabilities. You're guaranteed to laugh and sweat a lot. If you're looking for a perfect place to get started again and get the professional guidance you've been missing,  this class is for you!


Personal Training is what we specialize in most here at Revival! And we pride ourselves in being the absolute best. Whether it's a private, partner, or small group training session, we offer the highest level of expertise and guidance. Each workout is completely customized based on your goals, interests, and needs. We've perfected our methods to find that awesome balance between challenge and fun. Whether you have never worked out or you're just looking for deeper guidance, our personal training will get you the results you imagined and so much more! Our private facility ensures that you feel more comfortable and ready to take the first step in your new journey! 


Christy Curtis

One of the best gyms out here! I’ve been attending for over a year now and no workout is ever the same. Tyler and Patrick come up with some the best workouts to work all parts of your body. They’re both there to assist you along the way and make any modifications you may need. Love Revival and all that go. It’s like one big workout family with lots of motivation and friendship amongst all. Love that I’m a part of this great gym!


Danielle Raichle

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Revival, I started working out with Tyler in January of 2019. My life has changed drastically, by becoming stronger and healthier. I never enjoyed going to the gym because I felt uncomfortable, like everyone was watching me. I never had that feeling at Revival, you feel comfortable and you feel like your in a family. I found my passion for running again and I would like to thank Tyler for that. 
thank you for having such an awesome gym and being such a wonderful trainer.


Aaron Broman

They say "when you are truly sick and tired you make a change." I decided in 2017 I was sick and tired. I started focusing on how I was eating and needed to get back into exercising. When I met Tyler, I realized that his energy and determination would be what I needed to stay focused and that "Fit and Trim" classes would be a great way to get started into this new and improved lifestyle. There is one key once you start, DON'T QUIT! Tyler will help you through the rough parts and keep you accountable. I have not felt this good in forever.


Home Programs


There's only one thing that stands in the way of your healthier lifestyle... YOU! 

Let us help you get you there!

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