Starts April 13th!


8-Week Body Transformation Challenge

April 13 - June 6, 2020

What is Summer Slim Down?

Welcome to Revival's Newest Body Transformation Challenge! Starting Monday, April 13th, we are officially launching our Summer Slim Down and we want you to be a part of it! This 8-week challenge is designed to kick-start your health and fitness as we dive into warmer months and desire better feeling, looking, and moving bodies for summer!

Within this awesome challenge, you will be able to ease back into your fitness journey, get the guidance you've been needing, focus on the areas you've been wanting to for so long, and finally have lots of life-changing success!

  • Nutrition Guidance & Success: You'll receive our go-to nutrition checklists and be guided through easy-to-follow plans. Each week we'll give you our favorite recipes, share helpful nutrition tips, and help you get past current barriers! No dieting, no wasteful detoxes, and no B.S. Just real nutrition and real results!

  • Unlimited Fitness Classes: During these 8-weeks, you'll have unlimited access to all of our fitness classes! We provide an effective variety consisting of our famous Functional Fitness class, Female Strength & Conditioning, Pilates, Kickboxing, and Functional Circuit. Each class is designed to help you individualize exercise and focus on you, while still getting the awesome benefits of a private group environment. We accommodate all levels and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible! No intimidation or judgement!

  • Accountability & Support: One of the toughest parts of exercising is consistency! We make sure you stay focused, held accountable, and perfectly supported. We're your biggest fans and will be here to guide you every step of the way! You'll have access to our entire staff in person and then our private Facebook group so that we can share important information with you, so that you can ask questions, and so that you can encourage one another!

  • Legitimate Results: Here at Revival, we focus on genuine, authentic results. We work hard, push ourselves, and celebrate the actual success that comes along with that. We guarantee that if you put time and energy into this challenge, you're going to finish as a stronger, happier, more capable human being!

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What will Summer Slim Down help me with?


  • Fit into clothes better

  • Fat loss and gain lean muscle

  • Improve nutrition and exercise habits

  • Become stronger and more toned

  • Improve confidence

  • Create stronger core

  • Increase conditioning and endurance

  • Improve sleep quality and quantity

  • Become part of an awesome community


Who is Summer Slim Down For?

Have you ever felt totally out of shape and like you just can't seem to get into a healthy routine? Maybe you've lost sight of who you are and you're having trouble getting your old self back. Maybe you're missing a sense of purpose and lack the confidence you really want. Maybe you have some awesome goals for this summer but don't know what to do. Or maybe you just feel stuck and don't know where to go.


In a world filled with unlimited information, it’s hard to know what to do or where to start. “What exercises should I be doing?” “What food should I be eating?” “Why am I not seeing results?” “Why does it seem like everyone else is having success except for me?”


Regardless of what you’re struggling with right now as a human being, we want you to know that you’re not alone. And more importantly, we want to fill you with hope that brighter times are coming soon.


We want to surround you with a positive, non-judgemental community of people just like you. We want to listen to your concerns and struggles and actually answer your questions. We want to help you establish a realistic, sustainable, efficient plan that finally gets you to your goals. We want to help you feel stronger, more capable, better conditioned, more confident, and less stressed.


This program is designed for...

    1) Anyone that needs a non-intimidating, fun, encouraging environment to get healthier.

    2) Anyone struggling with confidence, body image, and self-worth issues.

    3) Anyone looking to get back into exercise and nutrition in a safe way.

    4) Anyone looking to focus on how they look and feel in their own skin.

    5) Anyone that wants to shed that extra winter fluff.

    6) Anyone who recognizes that you deserve this!


Pricing & Access

  • INDIVIDUAL - $150

  • COUPLE - $280




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