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Are you an athlete or parent of an athlete 7-21 years old? We have the exact program, staff, and facility you need to get stronger, faster, more agile, and all around in better shape!

Revival's Sports Performance program here in Altoona, PA is designed for athletes that take their athleticism and performance seriously. Proven methods, science-based programming, and elite expertise.

Athletes come to us because they get real, legitimate results. Join us today to enhance your overall abilities, become a more well-rounded competitor, and decrease risk of future injuries. 


Contact us today to see if our Sports Performance program is a good fit for you!

*If athlete is under 18


Designed for 7-21 year old athletes around Altoona, PA, our private Sports Performance program is designed to enhance each individual's performance and skill sets to ensure they become a more well-rounded competitor. Our newly designed facility and expansion are a perfect environment for athletes looking to workout in a supportive, structured, fun environment. We offer 1-month and 3-month options and then each athlete can choose to come 2, 3, or 4 times per week. 


When it comes to finding a solid, well-rounded sports performance program, quality should always be a top priority. Here at Revival, we constantly strive for the highest quality through individualized programming, thorough education, elite expertise, and lots of support. No matter what sport you play, no matter what season you're in, and no matter what your ability levels are, we got you covered. 



For ages 13-21, the workouts are done in a group setting but executed on an individual basis, allowing each athlete to follow his/her written workout plan at their own pace, supervised and guided the entire time. For ages   7-12, our classes are a hybrid mix of instructor led and self-paced. Days per week will depend on current season of sport, physical needs, and overall athletic capabilities. You can join at any time, and each option is adaptable to every sport, season, and position. All workouts will be customized based on initial assessment, sport, position, season, and practice volume. Everything here is perfectly individualized and custom made; we don't use cookie-cutter templates or generalized plans from the internet like other gyms. We take extreme pride in offering the highest level of expertise and education here in Blair County.

We believe in always training with purposeful and safe intentions, structuring each session with core, scientific principles. By using both body resistance and a long list of equipment/weights, we develop our programming around foundational, functional movements. Using those main movements then, we add purposeful variations and progressions to continue your advancement and keep the workouts fresh. Through our structured and detailed system, you will reach goals sooner, safer, and more efficiently.


Our facility is designed to be completely private and exclusive, with the purpose of eliminating intimidation and undesired social pressures. Here at Revival, you don't have to worry about feeling extra vulnerable or having other people judge you from across the room. We're here to focus on just you and your session. Our priority is to help you progress at a realistic, challenging pace, while giving you every ounce of encouragement and expert guidance needed; being in a private environment only supports and expedites that process.

Injury prevention and overall recovery are two huge focuses here in our sports performance program. We screen and assess each athlete individually before they start to make sure we get an in-depth look at everything going on so that we can program accordingly. With sports injuries at an all time high, we do our best to make sure our athletes get well-rounded programming by correcting muscle imbalances, strengthening weaknesses, critiquing jumping and cutting mechanics, working heavily on flexibility and mobility, and consistently enforcing proper form with every movement. While we can't completely eliminate injuries, we certainly do our best to minimize future risk. And for those athletes that unfortunately do get injured, we have a progressive and efficient rehab program that includes working with our onsite Physical Therapist to get you back as soon as possible. 




Performance Seasons and

Schedule 2019-2020

Seasonal Breakdown

FALL: September 3 - November 29 

WINTER: December 2 - February 29

SPRING: March 2 - May 30

SUMMER: June 1 - August 29 

Weekly Schedule

7 - 12 Years Old

*Tuesday/Thursday: 6:30-7:30 PM

*Saturday (Speed/Agility): 10:00-11:00 AM

*Instructor-guided workout. Classes start and end at times listed.

13 - 21 Years Old

*Monday-Friday: 3:00-5:30 PM

*Independently-guided workout. Come in anytime within times listed.

Tyler Hunter

Owner, Personal Trainer,

Program Director

B.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Kinesiology-Orthopedic Rehab & Corrective Exercise

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Patrick Jacobs

Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Performance Coach

B.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Health, Physical Activity & Chronic Disease

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*Policies & terms below

2x Per Week

7-12 y/o

1 Month: $75

Months: $205

13-21 y/o

1 Month: $125

Months: $345

*Siblings get 15% off total price

*Parents get 15% off any  Revival program/service

3x Per Week

7-12 y/o

1 Month: $95

Months: $255

13-21 y/o

1 Month: $150

Months: $410

*Siblings get 20% off total price

*Parents get 20% off any  Revival program/service

4x Per Week

7-12 y/o


13-21 y/o

1 Month: $170

Months: $460

*Siblings get 25% off total price

*Parents get 25% off any  Revival program/service


Team Training


5-12 Athletes : $100/ses

12-20 Athletes: $140/ses

20+ Athletes: $170/ses

*At Revival or at school/practice facility

*Minimum one month commitment

Policies & Terms
  • Sports Performance runs either month to month or every 3 months.
  • Sessions cannot be accumulated and carried over to future months.
  • Scheduling is flexible and workout days can very from week to week
  • We do not currently offer refunds.
  • Accepted Pay Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card 


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*Hours based on classes, programs, and scheduled appointments


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Suite 300

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