Welcome to a better way of doing Physical Therapy!

Physical Therapy is tremendous and effective but only when done correctly. Unfortunately, the traditional therapy model just isn't working anymore. Co-pays continue to rise and treatment quality continues to decrease. Those therapy clinics have more pressure than ever to see more patients per hour and insurances are giving less and less coverage for visits. Your treatments are dragging out, you're being forgotten about in a hectic clinic, and you're paying more than ever. Something isn't adding up here! That's why we created this easy-to-follow, life-changing model...

Revival's Cash Physical Therapy gives you: 

     1) Lower overall costs

     2) Greater patient-reported levels of improvement

     3) Quicker recovery (A.k.a. back to work, sports, and life sooner)

     4) Higher quality, perfectly individualized treatment

If you're ready to get better value as the patient, get more time spent privately with the therapist, and eliminate your pain all together, then Revival's Cash Physical Therapy is for you!





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Our affordable, cash-based model helps you spend less money at the end of your treatment and have much better outcomes. Health insurance is out of control, with co-pays and limitations at an all time high. With our therapy model, there's no hassling with insurances, no deductible requirements, and no crazy high co-pays; you simply pay a set fee of $60 per hour, which averages $1.00/minute. Old-school therapy costs around $2.84/minute because of how high co-pays are combined with shorter, 30-40 minute sessions. Because our treatment is more effective each session, you typically end up completing your therapy sooner. Which means you save money and time all around.

You also have potential to receive reimbursement from your personal insurance company, which we help guide you through. We also offer a discount package that SAVES you $225. See more stats in our comparison here.


In Revival Physical Therapy, we treat the whole body to ensure that you get the most efficient treatment possible. Since the body works as many different systems and everything is masterfully connected, it only makes sense to stretch, mobilize, strengthen, and stabilize the whole body and not just one small component. Because of insurance limitations, regular clinics can only treat one injury or issue at a time. Fortunately, Revival can work on and optimize everything collectively, which is a big reason our patients finish their treatment plan sooner than most clinics. We work towards long term results and decreased future injury risk, not just getting the knee or shoulder to a certain degree of motion and then discharging you. Effective, purposeful, high-quality treatment is our top objective.


Physical Therapy at Revival is all about giving you the most personalized treatment possible. Based on your initial assessment, each session is intricately customized to focus on your individual needs and recovery. Everything here is perfectly individualized and custom made; we don't use cookie-cutter templates or generalized plans from the internet like other therapy clinics. The best part is that you spend the entire 60-minute session one-on-one with the Therapist; something you'll never receive in a regular clinic. Each session is extremely hands on and thorough, continually reassessing your progress and establishing new goals and challenges. At the end of the day, it's our priority to make sure you feel cared about, feel heard, and get the treatment you truly deserve. 


Our clinic is located inside Revival's private fitness facility, designed to be completely exclusive, with the purpose of eliminating intimidation and creating a more dynamic, multifaceted treatment process. Here at Revival, you don't have to worry about feeling extra vulnerable or having other people judge you from across the room. Each session is spent privately with our Therapist so that the focus is solely you and your treatment. Take advantage of our beautifully quiet, clean, modernized clinic. At Revival, we also offer a solid lineup of other wellness services including Massage Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Personal Training, a Beginner Strength & Conditioning program called Fit for Life, and much more.




Chris Fischer

Physical Therapist, DPT

B.S. Health Science

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

State Board Certified

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Chris believes in a full-body treatment program to achieve the best possible results for his patients. Chris has treated all types of injuries ranging from head and neck to ankle and foot, which encompass neurological, cardiovascular, orthopedic and many other systems. He has also treated patients in a wide variety of settings including outpatient, inpatient, and home health. Chris is passionate about helping you heal and feel better than ever before! 814-931-5490


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurances at all?

We are a strict-cash clinic and do not accept any insurances. No Insurance = No Limitations, More Affordable Care, and Quicker Recovery. We accept cash, check, and credit card as forms of payment. *Medicare Restriction: By law, we cannot see any Medicare patients.

Is it possible to get reimbursement through my health insurance?

While patients pay out of pocket for our therapy, reimbursements are through personal health insurance are certainly possible. We help fascilitate this process for you by providing the specific billing codes on your patient invoice, along with a guide on submitting a reimbursement form. We've seen a range of 25-75% reimbursement, but it's very dependent on your carrier, specific plan, deductible met, etc. since our service and business is listed 'Out of Network.' It's necessary to note that your insurance might not honor reimbursement at all, but we do our best to help you fight for something back.

How can I set up an appointment with Chris?

You can set up an appointment very easily by calling Chris directly at 814-931-5490 or by emailing him at If you have to leave a voicemail, Chris guarantees a call back within 12 hours on weekdays.

How soon can I get in for my first appointment?

Immediately. Depending on the schedule and time of day, Chris could potentially see you today. Otherwise, it's very possible to get seen within the next 48 hours.

What kind of issues and injuries do you work with?

All musculoskeletal injuries, neurological issues, post-surgery, acute injuries, chronic issues, etc. Shoulders, neck, spine/back, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot.

What does an average session look like?

You'll spend each session privately, one-on-one with Chris, our Physical Therapist. Depending on your reason(s) for therapy, you'll experience a solid list of hands-on, manual therapy that involves modalities such as ultrasound and eletrical stimulation, active and passive stretching, joint mobility and stability work, functional strength exercises. No insurance means that Chris isn't limited to one specific joint or muscle group, allowing him to work all systems and fix multiple issues at once.

How long will I need therapy?

This is a great question that we get all the time. Obviously it can drastically vary depending on your reason for therapy, but our goal is to get you in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. For a less serious/less invasive issue, you might average 5-8 sessions, where you might do 10-12 in a traditional clinic. For a more serious/more invasive issue, you could fall in the 10-15 session range, where you might do 18-25 in a traditional clinic.

Who needs physical therapy?

Everyone could technically benefit from physical therapy, regardless of age or ability; it's not just for people that recently had a surgery. There are certainly many types of people that need our therapy: athletes, children with developmental challenges, middle-aged individuals and retirees, people with chronic diseases, people with chronic pain, people with mobility or flexibility issues, pre-surgery patients, post-surgery patients, stroke survivors, and others.

Do I need a doctor's script or referral to start physical therapy at Revival?

For the duration of Summer 2019 until August, you will need to get a script from a doctor before starting therapy with us. After August, Chris will have his Direct Access license, which means that clients can come see us and start phyiscal therapy here without an official script.


Trevor Hensal

I had been dealing with pain in my shoulder that was affecting performance for about three weeks. At the recommendation of Tyler, I scheduled with Chris for a complimentary assessment. Chris was thorough in his examination but quickly determined the source of the issue and explained the course of action for resolution. 


Throughout the entire process, Chris was pleasant and accommodating to my schedule. He's very knowledgeable, and with the one-on-one appointments, he has the time to explain the what, why, and how. I could begin to feel some relief after the first few sessions and after 4 weeks, the pain was almost entirely gone and I was able to resume my regular activity level.


Erin Bard

I started seeing Chris for Physical Therapy because after trying multiple PT locations in the area for a knee issue, I found no relief. I have an underlying Autoimmune disease that attacks my joints so, doctors and therapists in the area were blaming my problems on my autoimmune disease but I felt it was something that could be healed with the right person to help and guide me. That is what lead me to find Revival Fitness & Rehab. 

Before starting therapy with Chris, the range of motion in my knee was very limited. I could neither bend or straighten my knee and the strength was nearly non-existent.


Since seeing Chris, I have gained nearly ALL of my bending motion and improved the extension also! He has done exercises and mobilization techniques that I’ve never had in any of the other Physical Therapy sessions I’ve had outside of at Revival Fitness & Rehab. I believe it’s his fresh approach and one-on-one attention to me during my sessions, that are the reasons after years of dealing with the limited range of motion, that I’m finally seeing improvement!



*Policies & terms below

Initial Consult

1/2 hr: FREE!

Single Session


1 hr: $60

*Senior (65+): $55

Package Discount

Save $80!

8 Sessions: $400 ($50/hr)

*Normally $480

Policies & Terms
  • Scheduling of sessions is flexible and can vary from week to week.
  • Clients must give 24 hours notice of session cancellation or he/she will be charged.
  • Accepted Pay Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card 
  • Call Chris today to schedule! 814-931-5490