Altoona's Elite Golf Fitness Training

Golf Fit is a fitness training program for golfers of all levels that optimizes your body, mechanics, and abilities to help you improve your golf scores and decrease risk of future injury. By developing and fine-tuning your body to swing the golf club with greater efficiency and increased power, you drastically increase your capabilities and eliminate limitations. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of golf-specific options to help you unlock your full potential, including TPI swing and movement assessments, private group training, personal training, individualized home plans, private physical therapy, massage therapy, and much more.


It's time to focus on improving the one piece of equipment you use to swing every club and that has the most room for improvement: Your body. No more looking to fix your golf game by spending a fortune on some new, fancy driver. Golf is a game of dynamic  and complex movements. In order to consistently perform these movements, your body has to function as efficiently as possible through each part of your golf swing. Playing more golf, playing it well, and living as long as you can are all based on maintaining a healthy level of fitness and training purposefully, particularly in the off-season. If you're willing to make such a dedicated investment into your game through course memberships, top of the line clubs, professional attire, tournaments, and other equipment, why not invest in your body? 


Here at Revival, we help golfers get control over their body so that they can get out of their head and get back into their game. Tyler and Van, our Titleist Performance Institute certified fitness experts, employ the latest techniques to improve power, speed, mobility, stability, balance, coordination and nervous system function to enhance your golf movements. ​We provide a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience for players of all levels to help you achieve the most consistent game out on the course.


Golf Fit encapsulates all of the main things that make golf the beautiful game that it is: Comradery, internal and external competition, integrity, sportsmanship, learning/growing, and lots of humbleness. Whether you're looking to add strength, work on mobility issues, develop more power, network with more golf fanatics, or rehab a nagging injury, Revival's Golf Fit program is exactly where you need to be! Take your game and passion to the next level by joining us this coming off-season.





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Learn your Golf Fitness Handicap and see how well that correlates with your actual Golf Handicap! The first step towards improving your golf performance is to go through a detailed TPI Swing + Golf Fitness Assessment. This is a key part of the personalization process, as it provides you with a blueprint for how your body and golf game can be improved - where your limitations are and what can be adjusted to increase your potential. We'll run you through a collection of posture analysis, general movements, functional fitness exercises, golf specific movements, and a swing analysis. You'll learn what movement areas need the most focus and what swing characteristics you might have, for example: loss of posture, sway, etc. We'll then use all of this information to create a strategic, custom golf fitness plan so that you can eliminate any restrictions and develop a better golf fitness capabilities. This assessment isn't just interesting; it's absolutely necessary. And if you want an even deeper look of your golf swing, you can experience our 2D video analysis, where we'll film you from multiple directions, draw the appropriate lines on the film, and then watch in slow-motion how your body and club moves through the swing. Video analysis is absolutely crucial to getting the most out of your swing assessment so it's highly recommended. 

TPI Swing + Golf Fitness Assessment - $50

TPI Swing + Golf Fitness Assessment with Detailed Video Analysis - $70


Private Golf Fitness Group Training is our favorite option here and consists of exclusive weekly workouts with other golf enthusiasts like yourself. Golf is so much about comradery and spending time with friends, that's why this group is so enthusiastic and competitive. Every participant will receive a TPI Swing and Movement Assessment at the beginning and end of every 13-week cycle. Each workout is approximately 60-minutes long and consists of a full body workout focusing on all of the best elements within golf fitness: power, functional strength, core, balance, mobility, and stability. Our model allows for almost any level or age to participate because of the self-paced structure and the allowances for numerous modifications or progressions. With this option, you get the fun group dynamics with a individualized-style workout. This is a non-intimidating, judgement-free, encouraging group all around. Our schedule is broken up into three, 13-week periods (Fall, Winter, & Spring), although you can join in at any time within those.

2020 Season

  • February 3 - March 28

Weekly Schedule

  • Tuesday/Thursday - 11:00AM

  • Monday/Wednesday - 6:30PM

  • Saturday - 9:00AM

Pricing Options

  • 16 Sessions - $175

  • 24 Sessions - $225


Every Saturday at 10:00 AM, Starting November 2nd, we will be having a putting tournament on our indoor turf. It'll be a perfect opportunity to work on your short game, compete with others, win prizes, and play in unique challenges. Each Saturday, we will do a classic accuracy putting challenge and then we'll do one new, interesting challenge. For example, one week we will set up obstacles on the turf and you'll have a limited number of shots to get to the hole. We'll have a leader board each week, with weekly challenge winners and then overall winners at the end of each cycle. You'll have the opportunity to win cash, golf apparel, golf equipment, gift cards, and much more. Game on!

1 Week - $10

10 Weeks - $90 (Get 1 Free!)


Our on-site personal training program is perfect for anyone looking for/needing one-on-one private training. You will be led through one detailed TPI Swing + Golf Fitness Assessment each month so that you get a customized fitness plan to meet you where you're currently at and to take you where you want to go. Programs are created to fit your schedule and budget, as we offer 1-hour training sessions with a variety of package options totally dependent on your availability. Choose 1x, 2x, or 3x per week with total flexibility. Whether it's short term or long term, private one-on-one training is as intricate and thorough as you're going to get. 

1 Session - $50

4 Sessions - $190 ($47.50/ea)

8 Sessions - $350 ($43.75/ea)

12 Sessions - $480 ($40/ea)


Our on-site small group training program is perfect for any group of 3-8 golf friends or colleagues looking for more exclusive training. While this is similar to our Private Group Training option, this is more individualized and flexible. Each person will be led through a detailed TPI Swing + Golf Fitness Assessment so that everyone gets a customized fitness plan to meet you where you're currently at and to take you where you want to go. Programs are created to fit everyone's schedule and budget, as we offer 1-hour training sessions with a variety of package options totally dependent on your group's availability. Choose 1x, 2x, or 3x per week and determine a set day/time that works for everyone. This program simply requires a one-month commitment

1x/Week - $90/mo per person 

2x/Week - $160/mo per person 

3x/Week - $205/mo per person 


This option is perfect for the independent golfer looking to do things on your own. You'll be put through our TPI Swing + Golf Fitness Assessment with our Video Analysis to determine all of the proper metrics and then we will create a custom, 12-week plan for you to do on your own, whether you workout at home, another gym, or somewhere else. We'll show you how to do everything and make sure you feel confident about the plan moving forward. And then after the 12 weeks is over, you'll come back in for another full assessment.

Pre + Post TPI Swing Assessment with Video Analysis + 12-Week Plan - $250


If you're dealing with a nagging pain, tightness, and want to finally move better, Revival Fascial Stretch Therapy has you covered. Elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, lower back, neck, wrist, ankle or anything else, we treat all kinds of issues. This service is unlike anything else you've ever experienced. Our therapy model allows for more efficient treatment, which means you get better with less sessions, spend less time here, and save yourself money. If you're looking to get the best treatment and get back on track as fast as possible, Stretch Therapy is exactly what you need. Learn More!

30-Minute Private Session - $45

60-Minute Private Session - $75


With Revival's Massage Therapy and Cupping Therapy, you will experience a tailored massage that will melt away stress and pain. Our Therapist does a tremendous job assessing your tight areas, figuring out where you carry the most tension, and then customizing your massage according to your current needs and wants. One thing that makes our massages extra efficient and special is that the Therapist isn't afraid to work in more pressure, allowing them to push away more tightness and get you feeling better, sooner! Come see for yourself! Learn More!

30-Minute Massage - $35

60-Minute Massage - $60

90-Minute Massage - $85