Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 8 AM

It's time to challenge your fitness level and see just how in shape you really are.  

Whether you're a hardcore athlete or a devoted fitness junkie, this exercise challenge will push both your physical and mental limits. Compete with yourself, compete against others, and show us what you got.

The 2019 Revival Fit Challenge is a strength and conditioning competition designed to test the core elements of fitness: functional strength, power, muscle endurance, and aerobic capacity. You will challenge your physical capabilities and mental toughness by working through a variety of fitness-related events and exercises, trying to score more cumulative points than other participants. Compete as an Individual or as a Partner Team! Tap into your inner competitor and join us for the inaugural Revival Fit Challenge!

This event will also be special because we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Refuge Youth Network. The Refuge Network is the most amazing, dynamic Christ-centered community for the youth here in Altoona. If you haven't heard about this amazing group and want to learn more, you can check them out here


Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019 

Start Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Revival Fitness & Rehab

Ages: 15+

Categories: Individual, Partner

Registration Price:

  • Individual: $20 per person (no t-shirt) or $30 (with t-shirt)

    • **Couple Discount: $35 total (no t-shirt), $45 (with one t-shirt), $55 (both t-shirts), increases July 17

  • Partner: $15 per person (no t-shirt) or $25 (with t-shirt) 


*Partners will split events evenly. See below for details


1.5 mile run

Bench Press


Weighted Slam Ball Distance Throw

Dumbbell Goblet Squat


Weighted Endurance Carry

2,500 meter row


1.5 mile run

This run will be our first event of the day, rain or shine. Runners will start at Revival and run two (2) laps around the outer perimeter of Mansion Park. Each lap is approximately 0.75 miles long, with all paved road and flat elevation. Each participant will be given a point amount according to his or her finishing place.

Bench Press

For the bench press event, we will be doing a classic barbell bench press with the goal of doing as many repetitions as possible at a selected weight with proper form. For females, participants will have the choice of 45, 75, or 115 pounds. For males, participants will have the choice of 135, 185, or 225 pounds. The higher the weight chosen, the more points awarded per repetition. Participants must maintain a flat back the entire time, as we will not be tolerating arched backs. Proper form must be maintained each rep, which includes controlled movement, no dropping/bouncing off the chest, and arms must be bent to at least 90 degrees at bottom of press. Chalk will be accepted but wrist straps will not be.


For the deadlift event, we will be doing a classic, standard-stance barbell deadlift with the goal of doing as many repetitions as possible at a selected weight with proper form. For females, participants will have the choice of 75, 115, or 155 pounds. For males, participants will have the choice of 155, 205, or 255 pounds. The higher the weight chosen, the more points awarded per repetition. Proper form is absolute necessity, for both safety and counted reps. Participant must use standard deadlift stance with feet approximately shoulder-width apart, shoulders over the bar, and flat back must be maintained at all times. Chalk will be accepted but wrist straps will not be.

Weighted Slam Ball Distance Throw

For the weighted ball throw event, we will be using TRX Slam Balls, with the goal of throwing the ball as far as you can in the air. Females will use a 20-pound ball and males will use a 30-pound ball. Participants will stand behind designated line with feet parallel to one another, shoulder-width apart, and hips square. Holding the ball at the chest, he/she will throw the ball as far as possible, with each participant getting three (3) attempts. We will be scoring the furthest of the three (3) throws. 


For the last part of this competition, participants will be completing a series of four (4) events with the goal of finishing with the fastest possible time. This series will be done in waves of no more than nine (9) people at one time. Participants will work through each exercise at their own pace, reaching the designated rep amount for his/her respective gender. Participants will then be given a point amount corresponding with their finishing place, time-wise.

1. Dumbbell Goblet Squat  

  • 30 repetitions

    • Men: 60 lb dumbbell

    • Women: 40 lb dumbbell


2. Pull-ups

  • Men: 30 repetitions

  • Women: 20 repetitions



 - Banded assistance will be available for usage but with penalty. For every repetition using the band, participant will be charged a designated 10-second deduction.

 - These are strict pull-ups only; absolutely no "kipping" pull-ups or using any force of momentum. These must be done with an overhand grip and the chin must clear the bar for each rep to count. 


3. Weighted Endurance Carry 

Participants will carry three (3) plates, one at a time, from point "A" to point "B" as quickly as possible. Weather permitting, this event will be outside and will be between 50-100 yards long, with a partial uphill grade. There will be one 45 pound plate, one 35 pound plate, and one 25 pound plate.

4. 2,500 Meter Row

This final event will be on our Concept 2 rowing machines. 2,500 meters as fast as possible with proper and safe form, which will be reviewed the day of the event.


Participants have the option to enter and compete as a Partner Team. This is especially ideal for participants that might be better at some events and not so great at others. Partners can be any combination of Male/Male, Male/Female, or Female/Female. Unless we have enough teams in each category, we will be scoring partner teams all together, giving medals to the top three (3) overall, regardless of gender combinations.


The breakdown is simple and events will be split evenly between you and your partner. You and your partner must decide who is doing what event before the challenge starts at 8am. You will decide which person does what event within these parameters: 

  • One person will do the 1.5 Mile Run and the other will do the Weighted Ball Throw,

  • One person will do the Bench Press and the other will do the Deadlift,  

  • The four-event circuit (Squat, Pull-Ups, Carries, Rowing) will be split evenly. One person must do any two events while the other person does the remaining two. 


  • Revival drawstring bag

  • Free competition-day chair massages and stretching

  • Competition bib

  • 50% off a one-hour massage 

  • Optional T-shirt

  • 50% off Revival's new Elite Fit & Performance program (Starts Sept. 3rd)

  • Amazing discounts and giveaways from sponsors


This competition will be scored as the participants accumulate points during each event and will be tallied up for an overall total. Partner teams will be scored the same way. There will be bonus points for individuals and partners winning multiple events.


While the point values will be the same, males and females will be separated with scoring. There will also be a breakdown of age ranges within both genders (see below). 

We will be updating the scoring throughout the competition so that each participant knows where he/she stands each event.


INDIVIDUALS: We will be awarding medals to the top three (3) males and top three (3) females in each age range. In addition, the overall male and overall female winners will receive a special prize.

   Age ranges for both genders:

  • 15-19

  • 20-29

  • 30-39

  • 40-49

  • 50-59

  • 60+

PARTNERS: We will be awarding medals to the top three (3) partner finishers, regardless of gender combination (unless we have enough for each category).



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